Coming from a long line of Grenoble cabinetmakers,
Laurent grew up in the middle of chips, gouges and smells of wax.
A 5 years, his grandfather offered him his first chisel wood.
A 6 years, He designed his first piece of furniture: a market for her little sister in a very personal style, an Empire mix, Art nouveau and Bauhaus.
A 8 years, He is passionate about marquetry and invents the Boulle technique without even knowing…

As regards Guillemette, She was born with a paintbrush in hands.
Brilliantly a graduate of Beaux-Arts in Paris to 19 years, She leaves 2 years in a temple in China learn the mastery of the maobǐ with Zeng Fanzhi Wu - ki Zao.
This retreat will lead him to continue with a thesis on the influence of the Red Alizarin on manuscripts of the monasteries of medieval Europe…

In fact, all this is of course entirely false !
We are normal Grenoble (even if it sometimes neglects our fleece jacket),
who had a normal job,
et qui avons décidé de faire une pause pour aller voir le monde tant qu’il tourne encore !


  1. If I did not know you personally, I would have completely thought a ta description. Because your furniture is absolutely wonderful.
    Zeng Fanzhi Wu - ki Zao is probably the most complex knowledge in the universe.

    I look forward to see you, and you well here in my little corner in the heart of the Henan province at the heart of China.

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