Schooners at your fingertips

"La Pérouse., "Hermione"., "Belém"., "The Astrolabe"., "The Fox"., "The superb"., the 'Pen Duick'…. If these names evoke anything for you, not sure that this video is for you. If these names made you dream, If you have had the chance to admire on the water, or see their...

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Zafimaniry : the first chips

Attracted by the myth of the Zafimaniry, We have recovered… chips ! More seriously, the reputation of the Zafi people, intangible heritage by UNESCO for his work of wood, was one of the reasons for our visit to Madagascar. The isolation of the villages lost in the mountain mists, and the time required...

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Under the Sun of Mada (video)

The video of our month in Madagascar below summary. After more than a month in North India, We always appreciate (as the cold is gone, and dishes are less spicy in Gujarat !)  

Under the Sun of Mada

Finally, After spending a month in Madagascar, We can say that we like to this country and that it would be well remained longer. We came up with a bit of apprehension : insecurity, movement of crowd and various beliefs (lynching of the two French to Nosy be)… These fears are quickly...

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