A surprising Latvian

While he was doing his research on the work of the wood in Latvia, Laurent discovers that the creator of this surprising and quite known cabinet beetle was Riga ! A simple mail, and once again, Bingo, Jānis Straupe agent lets us know we can meet him. OWL ! …

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State of siege to Riga

Once is not custom, This isn't craft that let's talk you but little industry. By doing research on the work of the wood in Latvia, Lawrence fell on this little Chair in curved plywood factory. The models were cool, It only took...

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From Vladivostok to Vilnius

While it made a break on the Croatian coast, Here is a small return on our arrival in Europe in Trans-Siberian railway. After months in Asia, the contrast was startling to the descent of the ferry to Vladivostok from the Japan (three days at sea). It was entitled to the fog...

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