Long live the Polish Pedalution !

Massive bike wooden, without metal or plastic, carry a green message, you're interested ? Well it is in the extreme East of the Poland, to Biała Podlaska, city located close to the Belarusian border, that we met their creator, Sławomir Weremkowicz. Build these bikes is the way found by Sławomir to protest against attacks on the environment. Indeed, he built his first bike for the 10 years of his daughter who was born the year of the Chernobyl disaster. The series into account 10 today and they all poetic names and surprising accessories (anchor, mirror, Bell, sail boat, Stork's nest…), out of the imagination of the artist.

Sławomir Weremkovicz is a true enthusiast. Perhaps a little too. It will be a presentation on the run, presenting his works in speaking very fast in Polish, where the difficulty for us to note, film, or photograph. Unfortunately, we cannot return all that there is in this man's head. Like any artist, Sławomir has his stage outfit, that he put on in the middle of the interview when he realized that he didn't have it on him !

Once again, the theme of the trip has made us think outside the tourist. Biała Podlaska is nevertheless located near the last primeval forest in Europe (forest that Guillemette had also studied on a trip of studies a few years ago already): famous forest of Białowieża where live bison… who consume… bison grass…. that you find in the Żubrowka! But it was not in the program of the visit this time.


The images to discover :

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