The Hill of witches

The isthmus of Courland, in Lithuania, worth the trip : a cordon of sand dunes of 98 Km long and 400 m to 4 km wide, owned by the North in the Lithuania, and southwest to the Russia (enclave of Kaliningrad). This cord, protected by two national parks and UNESCO, separates the Baltic Sea to the Curonian Lagoon. This isthmus would house some of the highest dunes in Europe (up to 60 m).
It's actually a beautiful landscape, but it is not for him that we went.

Indeed, on this isthmus, on the edge of the Lithuanian city of Juodkrante, is a hill with a forest filled with strange creatures. Witches, Devils, monsters, musicians, fantastic characters... surprise you during the ascent of the Hill. There are more of 80 Oak sculptures, often gigantic, inspired by the folklore and local traditions that are located on this Hill, Although named the witch Hill. The first were installed in 1979.
While we were overtaken by German and Italian groups that were the circuit on the run, We quietly spent the morning in the company of these strange characters.

A small preview image :

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