A surprising Latvian

While he was doing his research on the work of the wood in Latvia, Laurent discovers that the creator of this surprising and quite known cabinet beetle was Riga ! A simple mail, and once again, Bingo, Jānis Straupe agent lets us know we can meet him. OWL !

The workshop of Jānis Straupe is a little lost in the middle of nowhere, in Vecmīlgrāvis, a few kilometers from Riga (the workshop is in her garden). The atmosphere is very quiet when we, not many people working. It's a Friday 17 July afternoon : holiday, great music on the coast festival… the team has deserted ! Especially since they just finished an order for the Festival of cinema and art of Rojalnoj, near Riga, to be held the following week (This big yellow zeppelin which we will attend the Assembly in the workshop). The projections are made on the beach, sitting in the sand. The work of Jānis is intended to be installed in the sea, as a windsock.

Jānis has a beautiful workshop, very well equipped. 5 or 6 people usually. The ceiling is very high to allow the realization of stairs or other major works. A beautiful curved wooden staircase is also under construction. On the walls, irons of tops of various sizes and shapes are exposed next to posters of exhibits or designs of Jānis.

So we will not see a lot of technique, too bad for the film, Fortunately ase most of his furniture is at home. And it's really interesting: original furniture, unconstructed (cross tables, staircases that go up and down…) and still technically very neat. Jānis deconstructs the shape or proportions of objects such as chairs or tables, with a side surreal. Customer orders allow the workshop to earn enough money to allow Jānis to give free rein to his imagination and produce his own works. He however struggles to exhibit and sell his creations (What makes our happiness : We discover furniture with the explanation of the creator !).

A nice discovery, hoping that Jānis quickly found customers…well-off.

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