We are pleased to announce…

… the release of the Special Edition n ° 13 of the Bouvet !

cv-hs-voyage-boisThen, If you :

– have a passion for wood

– been a fan of wood

– you ask what you have been doing during these 400 days last year

– want to see our heads in a magazine

– want to show off from your tobacconist because you know the author

– wonder what Laurent to could spend his evenings from April to September, and why he had more videos posted lately

– look what stall your shelf

– want to extend what you've seen in video

– …

Well go to your favorite Press House (rather well-stocked) to purchase this special issue !

100 pages on the artisans we met.

And as it did not in 100 pages, possibility of a volume 2 If sales are good, then do not miss !

By the way, If the HS is stuck from your tobacconist, everything inside behind bike magazine, do not hesitate to put it in the foreground…

No excuses for those who live far from a press House, You can order it on the internet HERE

Thank you

NB : Do not worry, the release of the videos should resume very soon on the blog.

One how:

  1. Bravo for the number of workshops of the world. I find it extremely interesting and rich in information. I have a little crush for the Japan for having lived there a few years. I laughed while reading the galleys to open a workshop. The Japan protects its know-how . Congratulations again for this nice idea beautifully shared.

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