All fire, all flame

Boules_LeeJaehyo (44)sChange in registry, We leave TK pour in contemporary art with the amazing meeting of Korean artist of international renown Lee JaeHyo.

It all started with an email, sent without too much hope during our research on the work of the wood in Korea. What was our surprise to receive a reply from the agent of M. Lee inviting us to spend a day in his Studio !

So here we are in a Seoul commuter train. Little by little the workers descend, leaving us with grandpas and grandmas hikers. Finally the terminus : average landscape mountain Green. We pass the gates, a young man makes us a big smile : It is the assistant of M. Lee.

Boules_LeeJaehyo (202)sWe discover the workshop and showroom of this amazing article where a dozen people bustled. M. Lee welcomed us humbly, asking us our opinion on his works, watching carefully the book of Laurent and the videos of the trip, While preparing exhibitions in Shanghai, Singapore and Korea.

If you don't know what to do with old nails and logs, Here are some ideas in pictures :


  1. CA me plait!
    PS: who is the music ?

    • This is a song by Tom Waits “Jockey Full of Bourbon” interpretree by Youn Sun Nah, a Korean singer, well-known in France.

  2. Extraordinary design : wooden skeletons , of all forms , giving an impression of volume while it is hollow ,nothing wood blackened with the flame of the torch ,Genius idea ! ! of these Korean artists

  3. all simply beautiful , fluid achievements in space , congratulations to these artists

  4. Once again, a magnificent discovery ! Many thanks !

  5. Thin then ! Just stupidly throw two logs in the stove wood. If we had known…
    Thanks for these great videos, just a catch-up session

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