Indonesia : stop at Vulcania and Buffalo Grill

Harau (19)sFor a month and a half, on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Sulawesi, It is put eyeful : volcanoes, Lakes, Sea, Mountain… It is far from Indian cities (It is much cleaner than in the latter) ! What a pleasure to be found in nature, without recourse to an agency or guide, and without tourists around us. Even for Laurent, grew up in the land of volcanoes, the rise of smoking craters remain impressive. As for the hikes in rice fields, the landscape is superb and always cross a village or we cross a farmer to tell us the way. On the other hand, more person travels on foot, they are all motorcycle, whether in the city or in rice fields.
Everywhere in Indonesia, the vegetation is incredibly lush and many delicious fruits (fruit is feasted passion, mangosteen, tree-tomato, Snake fruit and other fruits which it does not know the name). To grow everything you need rain and we had our lot (difficult to draw in these conditions). And when the rain stops, It is hyper-humid, mycoses are out and the clothes will not dry. Fortunately we spent most of the time aloft with a warmer climate.
As for Indonesians, they are well quiet (not worth chasing after a bus, He will meet you anyway), always cheerful and ready to sing (sometimes very late) but always rogues and Liars for transport (It has not enjoyed that we should take to c….).
The most beautiful discovery (or re-discovery for Guillemette) has been the Toraja country (on the island of Sulawesi). This people has kept its traditions and family ties strong despite the evolution of the company. It noted with pleasure that many traditional houses were under construction. We had the 'chance' to attend the BCToraja (142)sthe, Perhaps the most important ceremony (and costly) among the Toraja. This ceremony was held several months or years after the death (the embalmed body awaits in the House), brings together hundreds of people and requires many sacrifices (one could see more than 20 Buffalo slaughtered within two hours).

It shows you a preview Photo, drawings and video (Attention souls sensitive and friends of Buffalo, zap the first minute of the film).


  1. Always so exotic trip.

  2. Ooh there there, Buffalo !!!… and then they are roasted ?… You have tasted the meat ?… Montreuil kisses

  3. Olivier greenhouse


  4. Super ! (except the buffalos, the pigs and other animals …..)

  5. A beautiful story … But very confusing customs !

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