For a few years,
the idea kept running into the head of Laurent, Woody-enthusiast (as you can the see here),
from go to meet of woodworkers around the world.

It didn't take him long to convince Guillemette,
that was beginning to have the behind ankylose after some years spent in his office vertacomicorien.

It's like that in September 2014 We went to a small Tower in the world,
history of discovering how we practice the craft of woodworking, away from home we.

In 400 days, We met over 50 artisans at multiple techniques (marquetry, sculpture, Habitat, furniture, Lutherie, engraving, boats…), with that we were able to discuss their history, their practice,…
Here we are back with full of portraits in our bags to back.


Before leaving we had scouted many interesting know-how in Iran, Turkey, Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, India, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Japan, South Korea, China, Croatia, Romania (si want to know more, go see here). The rest is enriched during the voyage.


  1. This site is really too much, I think it's great this trip because me too I want to do around the world and saw that I'm studying industrial design I care so these traditional technique that we don't know more.
    Bravo for your site and video =.)

  2. I love this idea of making around the world with a theme in mind. Voting blog is interesting and full of discoveries. It makes you want… Thank you !

  3. Thank you for sharing thanks to you I discovered such human richness in creation it's magic words are not enough strong wood work is endless.

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