Journey to the land of Antal Sprok

Once again a simple email did us enter the amazing world of Antal Sprok and his furniture-sculptures.

We are totally invited to stay with this famous Hungarian sculptor for several days to follow the production of a sculpture from end to end, What an honor !

It happens that Laurent had discovered his work there are a dozen years at an exhibition in France.

As soon as we passed the gate of his house, in a green and quiet area on the hills of Budapest, We made a big splash in his universe.

A House that he built himself, with wood everywhere : large logs of wood for a part of the structure, a terrace overlooking a walnut, a bed to branch to sit outside, of recycled wood from cupboards reworked, many large sculptures of animals and imaginary characters...

The kitchen is a work in itself : She is full of sculptures, old patina wood and other finds.

Antal is great and a great culture, He greeted us well with his wife.

As he speaks good English, We have had rich discussions with him. With kindness, He bent to our request to be able to film the making of a work from the beginning to the end.

Check out this creation in video :

One how:

  1. Beautiful!!
    In a few minutes, you immerse yourself in its atypical Woody world.
    Thanks for this generous sharing… and we wait impatiently for the next year!!
    All the best.

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