State of siege to Riga

Once is not custom, This isn't craft that let's talk you but little industry.
By doing research on the work of the wood in Latvia, Lawrence fell on this little Chair in curved plywood factory. The models were cool, It has not taken more to give him the urge to contact the owner. And that's how we visited Riga flesh, in July 2015.
Its owner, Aldis Circenis, picked us up at our small hostel, in the center of Riga, in his big 4×4 BMW. No doubt, We are no longer at the Japanese cabinetmakers…. Aldis is very talkative and speaks very good English: Finally someone who can share quietly (and that Laurent will be able to ask all his questions) ! It brings us to the site of the factory, a little outside the city : These are former hangars that had been used by the USSR to maintain its tanks of the time of occupation (Aldis remembers very well the site and tanks that impressed him when he was little, He was far from imagining that one day he would own…).
We will remain a good part of the afternoon in the factory before ending up at the showroom in the city to see the exhibition models. Aldis explains the details of manufacturing. About 20 people working on the site, of gluing to the varnish through pressing, the CNC cutting (CNC machine) and sanding. The chairs are exported everywhere and have received several design awards. Aldis, Architect and designer, is really passionate about his work and including the creation of chairs, It's nice to see. We spend a very good time in his company and are honored that he has given us, and in the end, It is he who will say honored that we were to see his factory in our around the world. A very humble creator, Oh, really !
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