In the land of the Pinisi

Bateau_Tanah_Beru (32)sAfter our disappointment of Mandvi, Finally, This is our efforts rewarded in our quest for shipyards ! On the beach of Tanah Beru, follow the construction sites of Pinisi. The Pinisi is a traditional sailboat 2 mats, wood, the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.


Bateau_Tanah_Beru (75)sThe vision of all these ships prows (more than 40), makeshift shelters as, is quite impressive : fishing boats, cargo ships, Sailboats… Many French come here build their boats charters (luxury boats rented weekly with crew for cruises-dives in tropical seas) or ensure the maintenance of these. The construction of a sailboat 25 m fully equipped wooden costs between 300 000 € and 500 000 €.

Bateau_Tanah_Beru (9)sThese Pinisi have a specificity in the hull construction technique : Here the planking (boards) do not rely on frames (skeleton of the hull) but are pegged to each other prior to the installation of frames. Artisans have great expertise, no need computer or plan during construction.

The Woods come mostly from Borneo, What is not without problems of supply due to the size and the quantities required (There may be months of waiting).

We spent a few hours on a small site with a fishing boat (3 people for 3 months of work), We let you discover it in pictures :


  1. I find (as usual) that these artisans are the magnificent achievements with great economy of means!
    I have many technical questions about the caulking and Assembly…

  2. If you finish the boat before returning, you're not still there.

  3. Hello,
    I went through your articles and I thank you for all of this information.
    I asked a question in the light of the price of such a new cake.
    Are you there for sale second-hand and have you seen on place.
    If so what could be the price.
    Thanks in advance if you have answers.



  4. I'm glad to have seen the constructions of the Sulawezi House or I had not had the time d’ go ! Since the philippines I remember longingly bamboo huts.
    I'll be waiting for the pot !

  5. It hurts for the orang utang driven from their forests to Palm oil.

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